Hybrid Identity Protection Chicago Tech Day 2019

Chicago 2019 Session recordings

Videos from the 2019 HIP Chicago Tech Day are now available. See the caliber of content for yourself, and get ready to engage with experts at this year’s event.

10 Quick Identity Wins with Azure AD, Brian Desmond

Understand 10 ways to take advantage of and start using Azure AD easily and quickly.

Azure AD Conditional Access Deep Dive, Joe Kaplan

Review how Conditional Access’ conditions and controls work in the policy framework and deep-dive into the mechanics of how the device-based function.

Modernizing Customer Identity Journey’s with Azure AD B2C, Allen Brokken

Allen discusses the Azure AD BT2 platform, it’s capabilities, and best practices for adopting Azure AD BTC as an identity solution for your organization.

OpenID Connect and WebAuthN – Strong Passwordless Authentication, Gil Kirkpatrick

Discover the combination of OpenID Connect and WebAuthN technologies as an ideal approach for enterprise application developers for on-premise or in the cloud.

7 Tips for Securing Active Directory from Compromise, Darren Mar-Elia

Learn practical tips you can apply immediately that help reduce the “attack surface” of your Active Directory environment.