Hybrid Identity Protection Conference 2017

2017 Session recordings

Videos from the 2017 HIP Conference are now available. See the caliber of content for yourself, and get ready to engage with experts at this year’s event.

AAD Pass through Authentication & SSO Authentication – without ADFS, Roelf Zomerman

Roelf discusses the multiple options for authenticating users against Azure AD that exist today.

Forget about compliance! Only the GDP mindset will keep you alive, Peter Geelen

Learn how you can leverage best practices to build an end-to-end, layered security, and avoid information spills as the GDP deadline approaches.

The IT Pro as SaaS Wrangler: Gaining Control of Your Company’s Grassroots SaaS Usage, Sean Deuby

Sean shows how to use Microsoft Cloud App Security to quickly (and at no cost) gain insight into your all your organization’s SaaS app usage.

Protecting Active Directory Against Petya and Her Friends, Michael Grafnetter

Michael explores what companies could have done better to prevent the Petya attack and what to do when all DCs, including backups, are lost.

Identity as the Control Plane, Joe Kaplan

This session focuses on the key features of Conditional Access including multi-factor authentication, device-based and risk-based authentication and location awareness.

When Worlds Collide: Security in a Cloud-Enabled Environment, Sean Metcalf

Sean shares key cloud security concepts, some common hybrid cloud scenarios, and the potential security issues with leveraging cloud services.

Azure AD Connect, The World is Not Enough, Sander Berkouwer and Roelf Zomerman

The second session in Sander and Roelf’s Azure AD Connect series, where they open the door to the world behind complex Hybrid Identity architectures.

Inside and Out: Make Your App Finally Work for You, Tomasz Onyszko

See how Azure AD Web Application Proxy makes on-prem apps work for you regardless of place and if you are on-prem, cloud or business guest user in organization.

Azure AD Connect, The Dutch Connection, Sander Berkouwer and Roelf Zomerman

In the first of two sessions, Sander and Roelf explain the ins and outs of Azure AD Connect, the Microsoft’s free Hybrid Identity “bridge” product.

Detect and Respond to Active Directory Cyber-Breaches, Allen Brokken

Learn how you can detect breaches immediately as they happen, stop attackers in their tracks and bring your environment back to its pre-breach state.

Modernizing the Enterprise Identity Platform, Gil Kirkpatrick

Gil discusses what made AD successful, it’s fundamental weaknesses, and what to look for in an IAM platform that can serve enterprise needs for the next 20 years.

Virtualizing Domain Controllers in Hyper V and Azure the right way!, Sander Berkouwer

Learn best practices for hardening, backing up, restoring and managing virtualized DCs on both Hyper-V, Azure Stack and in Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service VMs, from the field.

A Day in the Life of Active Directory Passwords, Guy Teverovsky and Michael Grafnetter

Guy and Michael dive deep into how Active Directory stores and encrypts your password.

Inside the Active Directory database (NTDS.DIT), Christoffer Andersson

This session dives deep into the data storage of Active Directory where Christoffer reads and intercepts various information directly in NTDS.dit.

Using advanced security in Azure AD with Privileged Identity Management & Identity Protection, John Savill

John covers key aspects around maximizing security of identities and embracing just enough and just in time administration across your services and Azure.

Master Modern Authentication Troubleshooting, Joe Kaplan

Joe introduces key concepts in HTTP, applies them to modern authentication on the Azure AD platform and demonstrates techniques for understanding common problems.

It’s All About Data: Protecting Corporate Data in the Wild, Sean Deuby

Sean shows how important corporate data can be protected in BYOD scenarios, and beyond, with Intune mobile application management and Azure Information Protection.

Beyond the Border: Protecting Office 365 Data in a Modern World, Brian Desmond

Brian shares how to extend the native security and information protection capabilities of Office 365 with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

Attacking Active Directory: Tools and Techniques for Using your AD Against You, Darren Mar-Elia

Darren discusses recent tools that let attackers mine your AD for information about how to attack you and shares some strategies for minimizing these attacks.